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peopleOpen Hancock County Board of Director Seats

There are four open Hancock County Board of Director Seats Biglick Twp., Findlay C, Marion Twp., and Madison Twp. Please submit your letter of interest for the vacant seat. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number. If you reside in any of the township locations or in Findlay you can specify you are interested in that particular vacant seat; otherwise you can be considered for any of the open positions (or both).


Announcing our first “Planting the Future” newsletter which we hope will inform you on the latest Hancock County Agricultural Society (HCAS) news. We hope you have been enjoying the summer and are ready for this year’s Hancock County Fair. As someone that has attended the fair we would like to share with you some exciting changes happening on the fairgrounds. In the future we will publish four yearly newsletters with useful information.
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please feel free to email us at sroffice@hancockfairgrounds.org.


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